Saturday, August 23, 2008


Muslim communities would know that Ramadan is coming in one week and will go for a month. As it is a tradition in Ramadan to eat Ramadan Pide at the end of daily fasting; I wanted to give a recepie to cook a Ramadan Pide at home:

What you need to cook Ramadan Pide is:

500 gr of Flour
20 gr of Ferment
Half water glass of milk
1 table spoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
3 table spoon of flower oil

Put the the flour in a mixing bowl, open the middle part and put the ferment and add the milk in the middle. Than put the salt and the sugar in the flour part. After the ferment has melted add the milk and make it a dough. And let it rest for a while. Than cut the dough into small pieces. and make it in a shape with a rolling pin. If you'd like, you may add meat, cheese, eggs or any other ingredients you please on top and put it in a oven tray and cook it in a pre-heated oven (220 degrees celcius) until it is done. With a help of a brush, after taking it out of the oven, spread some oil on the sides of the Ramadan Pide.
Afiyet Olsun..

Tips on Ramadan: If you know someone fasting during Ramadan, if you say "Allah kabul etsin", this means "May god accept your fasting and wishes" this will make them feel alot better and stronger. In the first days of Ramadan, becuase people are fasting from sun up to sundown, not eating and drinking anything; they may be a bit angry, aggressive, feeling bad etc. Please understand their situation and have mercy on your words towards them. Let them adjust to the situation of not eating and drinking during the day.

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