Tuesday, May 27, 2008


1 pack of plain sweet busuits
1 pack of soft cream cheese
1 glass sugar
3 eggs
2 tblsp cocao
2 tblsp butter (melted)
1 pack vanilla
1 glass cream filling
160gr bitter chocolate

For toppic:
Mint flavored icecream

How to Cook:

Grade the buscuits and add cocao and melted butter in it and mix. After mixing it well enough, but it on the bottom of the cooking pot of which is covered with cooking paper. Let the mixture stay in the freezer for about half an hour.
Mix the vanilla, cream cheese, cream filling, eggs and sugar together. In the mean time, melt the chocolate either in microwave or in a pot. Put some of the cheese mixture in the choclate and put the rest of the mixture on the buscuit mixture that was stayin in the fridge. On the very top, put the melted chocolate mixture. You may draw stuff with a help of fork if you'd like.
Now you may put your cake to the preheated (160 degrees celcius) oven for about 20-25 minutes.
Serving the cake with mint flavored icecream will give you extra freshness.
Afiyet Olsun!! (Bon Apetit)


BaL said...


This was fun to read a comment from a Turkish friend on my English blog :)

A bit wierd, huh? :)

But it is something to meet a Turk in Brazil! So lovely :)

And cheesecakes!

Just an addiction! Once you start baking then it never ends! (To me :D)

Thanks for the mint hint!

Hotels In Turkey said...

Thank you for stopping by. Yes it is weird to find Turkish bloggers in foodbuz. Real wierd. And write back/fort in english. You are in Brasil? How nice..
found couple of other iced tea recepies from other blogs in foodbuzz, if you are interested.
Hope to have you hear again. I definetly will stop by :D

ankur said...

I love chocolate cheesecakes.

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