Tuesday, April 8, 2008


This is my second blog with Smorty. Actually waited so long for my blog to get the number of indexed pages as Smorty requires. since my first blog was approved, there had been some changes in blog advertising site. Not visually, but they made some addings to the site. The Smorty staff had added the Smorty Blog and a Smorty Forum of which you can access from the admin. Have received a lot of information from all the other bloggers there. Actually had the chance to find the answers of alot of questions I had. Nowadays, alot of bloggers are complaining about having less campaigns, but to be honest, I don't want to beleive that. I just had been approved to smorty and have 3 opportunities waiting for me to review. How can I beleive something like that? I mean, having little opportunities, while I have 3 waiting for my review?What I can advise for the new bloggers out there, if the want to make money from blogging is; make sure you get your blog indexed by Google and make sure you have 50+ indexed pages, and when your blog is more than 3 months old submit it to Smorty. Let them review your blog. If you get approved, than go to your admin page and start writing about the sites. Start to get paid to blog!!

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