Sunday, August 24, 2008


Today, my 3 year old daughter, Dide, and her grandmother (Grannie) baked some cookies. She sat on the the kitchen counter and made the dough with her grandmother and actually she made the cookies (took the dough by spoon and put it in the oven tray) all by herself. She waited infront of the oven until they are cooked and ate 3 of them before she took her nap. Than she woke up and asked where the cookies were!! Well here is how to do the "Grannie Cookies" Ingredients:
Wallnuts (As much as you like)
1 small water glass of eggs
1,5 small water glass of sugar
1 small water glass of yoghurt
1,5 small water glass of olive oil
2,5 small water glass of flour
Grated Lemmon or orange zest
1 pack of Vanilla
1 pack of Baking powder

Basicly you will mix all these one by one. Your mixture should be softer than a cake mixture. And you should use a pre-heated oven. If you don't use a pre-heated oven, than your cookies will fall apart. You can use your creativity and add chocolate chips, nuts etc. to the mixture. Or remove the lemmon and orange zest as you please. Do it as you like, I am sure you'll find the best to fit you.

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