Monday, May 5, 2008


White Cheese is the most widely used cheese in Turkey. It may be fresh and unsalted, or preserved in brine and is easy to make at home.

2 Liters of milk
1tsp cheese rennet

How to Cook:
Heat the milk until it reaches a temperature at which it is still bearable to touch. Stir in the rennet, cover with a lid and leave to stand in a warm place. It will normally ferment and set withing 3,5-4 hours. When the milk has coagulated, put it into a muslin or cotton bag, put the bag in a colander with a weight on top and leave to dreain for 4-5 hours.
To determine if he cheese has set properly, tak a little of the curd between two fingers and squeeze. If the fingers are not smeared wih milk it is ready; if there are not traces of milk leave to drain longer. to serve, slice the cheese and sprinkle with salt if you wish.

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