Thursday, April 17, 2008


I love talking things with my mom, but now that I am married and am living in a seperate house, I don't have the chance to talk to her as I please and when I please. However, it cannot be the same I know, but I stumbled upon a blog called moms..... check nyo !!
As a daughter in need of her mother and as a mother, trying to be a flawless mother, I checked moms... check nyo as the link advised. The blog is quite different then the ones I have seen. The looks are different, the colours and the page setting.
Other than having articles enlarging your knowledge, such as "chocolate" which is also one of my favorites, you may - as bloggers- find quite a lot of links to other blogging sites of which you can earn money from also.
Well, give it a try. Experience it yourself. Take my word. You won't regret it.

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Liza said...

hello! im liza of moms... check nyo. thank you so much for this wonderful review. i love it!

see yah