Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Had come across this shopping cart software while looking for an ecommerce solution for my products. I had the chance to go through their site and experienced (still experiencing) the 10 day free trial they are offering. I had quite a lot of questions of which most of them were pretty stupid, answered very calmly and with respect by the live help they have online. I had a few digital goods that I wanted to sell and they told me how to do it and guess what?? I did it!!! I loaded my ebooks, provided passwords for them and bum!!! and will sell them with no problem!!
I cannot wait until my trial period is over, then I will choose from one of the packages they offer, depending on the number of goods I have, pay my monthly fees and cancel whenever I want to.
Why are you still here?? Go check out their site! Experience it yourself!!

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