Wednesday, February 20, 2008



4 Eggs
1 water glass (200gr) sugar
125 gr. margarine
1 lemon's juice
1 pack vanilla
1 pack baking powder
2 spoons maize starch
1kg filtrated yogurt
1/2 pack of any puding of your choice

How to do it:

Mix 4 eggs, sugar, margarine and lemon juice very well with mixer, than add the rest of the inderedients one by one to the mix. Cook the puding in a pot as usual and let it cool down. After it cools down, add it to the mixture and mix well.
Cover the rounded-side locked oven tray with cooking sheet and pour the mixture in it. Cook it in an oven heated 175 degrees Celcius for 1 hour. Turn it upside down after cooling and take of the cooking sheet..Then you are ready to go :)
You may use any kind of topics on top of the cake - cherries, chocolate etc.

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